Corona: Some guidance notes for greenkeepers that have been produced by the Danish Federation in partnership with the Danish Greenkeepers Association.

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Inspired by the Norwegian Golf Federation and some proactive greenkeepers in Denmark I’m about to make a list of precautions for greenkeepers so their can minimize the risk of infection with COVID-19 when their are a work. I’m making the list together with the Danish Greenkeeper Association.

I would like to share it with you, so you hopefully can give me some feedback. There might be something that we have forgotten. Off course you are welcome to use it.

Here comes the recommendations:

Employees and tasks:
• Remember to have an ongoing dialogue with the staff about infection risk in relation to the individual’s family situation
• Work if necessary with staggered working hours, possibly direct work shift (day- or week- shift)
• Employees who show any symptoms of illness do not attend work
• Plan the work tasks so that close contact is completely avoided

Lunch and meetings:
• Avoid or introduce new routines for morning meetings in a safe distance between people. Eg. meetings can be held outdoors at a safe distance between people
• Introduce rules for max. number of staff at the same time inside the machine hall
• Avoid all physical contact
• Eat lunch separately and preferably outside

Use of machines and tools:
• The machine’s steering wheel and touch surfaces must be disinfected before and after use. – The same machine should be run by the same person
• Avoid borrowing equipment / machines from other golf courses (If you borrow, clean / disinfect)
• All hand tools must be disinfected before and after use
• Wear gloves and use a new set per day. Use nitrile gloves when using alcohol for disinfection

In general
• Remember to wash your hands several times daily, both after a toilet visit, before entering the lunchroom and after touching surfaces.
• Toilet and sink should be disinfected after use – every time
• When using the lunch table, remember to disinfect after use
• Clarify who is responsible for the cleaning of changing rooms, toilets, etc.
• Use hand rubbing alcohol if you can get it

Med venlig hilsen/Best regards